Advanced Audit Report Search

You can search our audit reports through a combination of keyword, calendar year released, audited agency, or subject area. In a few cases, we do not have the PDF verison of older audit reports. If you would like a copy, please contact our office directly. Additionally, some of our older audits do not have a highlights sheet or an executive summary.

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Other Ways to Find Audit Reports

To help you find the audit report you're looking for, we've provided a list of several common searches as well as zip files of our audit highlights summarized by year, agency, and subject.

Common Audit Report Searches Audit Highlight Packets

These links help you look for an audit based on the year the audit was released, the audited agency, or the general subject matter of the audit.

These links allow you to download a compilation of our audit highlights sheets by year, agency, or subject. This is a quick way to review our audit results for a particular agency or topic area.