Application for Associate Performance Auditor or Performance Auditor
Legislative Division of Post Audit
Topeka, KS

Thank you for your interest in Legislative Post Audit.

Please read the following instructions carefully all the way through before you begin the application process.

  1. Before you begin the application, please have the following documents prepared. They may be in Word, PDF, or plain-text format.
    • A cover letter that provides a little background about yourself and your interest in this position.
    • Your resume listing, at a minimum, current and previous jobs, education, and the dates of each.
    • Unofficial transcripts of all undergraduate and (if applicable) graduate schooling.
  2. You will be asked to give your name, then to upload your documents. If you do not include a cover letter, a resume, and at least one post-secondary transcript your application will not be considered further. There also is a comment box for you to include any additional information (for example, any special accomodation you may require).
  3. When you click "submit" you will see a second screen with a link to a set of exercises designed to measure your critical thinking skills. There is a Word document and an Excel document, and you need to download both to your computer. To be considered further, you must complete the exercises and email them to Legislative Post Audit within 24 hours of the download time. Please do not start the application process unless you will have time to complete the exercises within the following 24 hours. Typically, the exercises can be completed satisfactorily in a couple of hours.
  4. E-mail your completed exercises to with "completed exercises" in the subject line. Once submitted, you will not be allowed to retake or revise the exercises. When we receive your exercises, you will receive an automatic reply acknowledging receipt and letting you know what comes next.

When you have your documents assembled, and some time set aside, click "Next" to begin the application process.