Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex: Surveying Staff on the Management Culture at the Facility

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Audit Abstract

The Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex (KJCC), the state’s only juvenile correctional facility, is located in Topeka and administered by the Kansas Department of Corrections. We surveyed current and former KJCC non-management staff to gather their opinions on the management culture at the facility. Of the 219 staff who received a survey, 48 responded (a 22% response rate). These respondents had mixed opinions about KJCC’s management culture. For example, although only 6 respondents agreed that employee morale is high at KJCC, 27 agreed or strongly agreed that they hoped to be working at the facility in a year. Further, although 23 respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they felt safe working at KJCC, 7 respondents reported being attacked or assaulted by other KJCC staff during the past year.