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Illegal Immigrants: Reviewing Studies That Have Assessed Their Economic Impact

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Published: NOVEMBER, 2008

Department of Labor: Reviewing Error Rates for Unemployment Benefit Payments, A K-GOAL Audit of the Department

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Published: JANUARY, 2007

Department of Labor: Reviewing the Effectiveness of Accident Prevention Programs Required Under the Workers’ Compensation Law (limited-scope audit)

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Published: JULY, 2005

Unemployment Benefit Payments: Reviewing Benefit Payouts and Changes in the Number of Employees Determined To Be Eligible (limited-scope audit)

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Published: MARCH, 2005

Reviewing Certain Aspects of Utility Regulation by the Kansas Corporation Commission

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Published: JULY, 1996

Reviewing Selected Issues Related to Workers’ Compensation

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Published: FEBRUARY, 1993

Examining Increases in Expenditures from the State Workers’ Compensation Fund

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Published: NOVEMBER, 1992

Job Training Programs in Kansas

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Published: SEPTEMBER, 1986

Wage Rates for Construction of the Coliseum at Kansas State University

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Published: MAY, 1986

Reviewing Accountability for Protesting Unemployment Claims

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Published: MARCH, 1985

Unemployment Compensation: Reviewing Protested Claims

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Published: MARCH, 1984

Examing Space Utilization At The Kansas State University Veterinary Medicine Complex

Published: APRIL, 1979