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State Agency Information Systems: Reviewing Security Controls in Selected State Agencies - Wichita State University (CY 2016)

Published: SEPTEMBER, 2016

State of Kansas: OMB Circular A-133 Audit of Fiscal Year 2012

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Published: MAY, 2013

Affordable Airfares: Reviewing the Benefits Claimed As a Result of State Funding to Lower Airfares

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Published: FEBRUARY, 2011

State Universities: Can State Universities Provide Postsecondary Education More Efficiently To Reduce Costs? (A K-GOAL Audit)

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Published: AUGUST, 2009

Compliance and Control Audit: Wichita State University Fiscal Year 1993

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Published: MARCH, 1994

Examining Universities’ Use of Margin of Excellence Moneys

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Published: APRIL, 1991

Reviewing the Way State Agencies Collect Delinquent Accounts

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Published: MARCH, 1988

Replacing Faculty at the Regents’ Institutions

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Published: MARCH, 1987

Teaching Loads at Kansas Universities

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Published: DECEMBER, 1985