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Statewide Single Audit State of Kansas Fiscal Year 2018

Published: March, 2019

K-12 Health Insurance: Evaluating the Financial Impact of Establishing a Consolidated K-12 Health Insurance Plan

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Published: FEBRUARY, 2017

State Agency Information Systems: Reviewing Security Controls in Selected State Agencies - Kansas Insurance Department (CY 2015)

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Published: APRIL, 2016

Kansas Insurance Department: Evaluating the State’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance Plan Contract

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Published: APRIL, 2015

State Agency Information Systems: Reviewing Selected Systems Operation Controls in State Agencies

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Published: DECEMBER, 2011

Health-Care Related Services: Reviewing Opportunities for Better Coordinating the State's Health-Care Related Programs

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Published: JANUARY, 2011

Firefighters Relief Fund: Reviewing the Use of Fire Insurance Premium Taxes Distributed to Local Firefighters Relief Associations (100-hour audit)

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Published: APRIL, 2003

Employee Credits Against Premium Taxes: Reviewing Issues Related to Those Credits

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Published: FEBRUARY, 2001

Reviewing the Workers’ Compensation Claim By Former Insurance Commissioner Fletcher Bell

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Published: AUGUST, 1994

Compliance and Control Audit: Insurance Department

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Published: OCTOBER, 1993

Reviewing Selected Issues Related to Workers’ Compensation

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Published: FEBRUARY, 1993

Examining Increases in Expenditures from the State Workers’ Compensation Fund

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Published: NOVEMBER, 1992