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Agency: Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation

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Statewide Single Audit State of Kansas Fiscal Year 2018

Published: March, 2019

Economic Development: Determining the Amounts the State Has Spent on Economic Development Programs and the Economic Impacts on Kansas Counties

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Published: AUGUST, 2008

Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation: Reviewing Bonuses Paid to Employees of KTEC and Its Subsidiaries (limited-scope audit)

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Published: OCTOBER, 2006

Encouraging Entrepreneurship: Examining Ways Kansas Could Improve Its Efforts

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Published: FEBRUARY, 2004

Reviewing the State’s Investment in Venture Capital

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Published: JANUARY, 1998

Reviewing the Compensation of Executives of the State’s Economic Development Agencies

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Published: SEPTEMBER, 1996

Examining the Use of Economic Development Initiatives Fund Moneys

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Published: JULY, 1995

Compliance and Control Audit: Kansas, Inc.

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Published: SEPTEMBER, 1990