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Statewide Single Audit State of Kansas Fiscal Year 2018

Published: March, 2019

Substance Abuse Programs: Evaluating Cost Savings Achieved Through Enhanced Acess to State Substance Abuse Programs

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Published: DECEMBER, 2015

Adult Correctional Agencies: Determining Whether Functions Could Be Combined To Gain Cost Efficiencies

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Published: OCTOBER, 2009

Surplus Computer Equipment: Determining Whether State Agencies Effectively Remove Software and Agency Data From Surplus Computers

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Published: JUNE, 2008

Kansas Sentencing Commission: Reviewing Organizational and Funding Issues (100-hour audit)

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Published: DECEMBER, 2003

Compliance and Control Audit: Sentencing Commission

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Published: JANUARY, 1999

Compliance and Control Audit: State Correctional Facilities

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Published: MAY, 1995

Reviewing the Implementation of the Kansas Sentencing Guidelines Act

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Published: JANUARY, 1995

Compliance and Control Audit: Selected Correctional Agencies

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Published: DECEMBER, 1991