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Statewide Single Audit State of Kansas Fiscal Year 2018

Published: March, 2019

Water-Related Agencies: Determining Whether the State Could Achieve Efficiencies and Reduce Costs by Combining the Operations of Its Water-Related Agencies

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Published: NOVEMBER, 2010

Agricultural-Related Agencies: A K-GOAL Audit Determining Whether Cost Savings Could Be Achieved By Making the Animal Health Department and the Conservation Commission Part of the Department of Agriculture

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Published: DECEMBER, 2008

Compliance and Control Audit: Conservation Commission

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Published: APRIL, 2004

Compliance and Control Audit: State Conservation Commission

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Published: AUGUST, 2000

Reviewing the Conservation Commission’s Effectiveness at Meeting the Goals Established Under the State Water Plan: A K-GOAL Audit

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Published: OCTOBER, 1996

Department of Wildlife and Parks, Conservation Commission, Water Office - FY 1994

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Published: DECEMBER, 1995

Compliance and Control Audit: Selected Conservation Agencies

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Published: FEBRUARY, 1992