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Kansas Legislative Division of Post Audit

The Rundown Podcast

The Rundown features interviews with Legislative Post Audit staff discussing the latest news and reports from LPA. Episodes include in-depth discussions with audit supervisors and audit managers on each audit’s main findings, key takeaways, and why it matters. The Rundown is recorded, hosted, and produced by LPA staff. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify today.

September 2020

Kansas Department of Agriculture: Evaluating the Economic Impact of Hemp Production in Kansas

Evaluating Association Membership Fees and Dues and Lobbyist Payments

KPERS: Evaluating the Deferred Retirement Option Program

K-12 Education: Evaluating Bilingual Funding and Expenditures

Kansas Bureau of Investigation ABIS Project (Quarter Ending June 30, 2020)

June 2020

Kansas Bureau of Investigation ABIS Project (Quarter Ending March 31, 2020)

March 2020

Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission: Measuring its Economic Impact in Kansas

Federal Funds: Verifying Funding for a Sample of State Employees (Limited-Scope)

February 2020

3 Year Summary of Security Controls in Selected State Agencies (2017-2019)

January 2020

Private Activity Bonds: Comparing How Structure and Use of These Bonds in Kansas Compares to Other States

Juvenile Justice Reform: Examining the Effects of 2016 Senate Bill 367

Consistency Across Foster Care Service Providers

Legislative Post Audit Year in Review

December 2019

K-12 Education: Evaluating At-Risk Student Counts, Weights, and Expenditures

October 2019

Economic Development Initiatives Fund: Evaluating the State’s Accountability Over the Use of EDIF Funding

Special Study: Salary, Compensation, and Allowance Comparison

August 2019

Medicaid: Evaluating KanCare’s Effect on the State’s Medicaid Program [NLPES Award Edition]

July 2019

Kansas Department of Commerce: Evaluating the Department’s Administration of the Job Creation Program Fund (Limited Scope)

Information Technology Consolidation: Evaluating Whether Consolidating Executive Branch IT Services is Feasible and How Much It Might Save

Federal Funds: Evaluating Costs Associated with Federal Funding in Selected State Agencies

State Surplus Property: Evaluating Opportunities to Generate Revenue from State Owned Land and Buildings

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