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Kansas Legislative Division of Post Audit

About Us

About the Agency

The Kansas Legislative Division of Post Audit is the non-partisan audit arm of the Kansas Legislature. Our mission is to inform policy makers by providing accurate, unbiased information through our audit reports. Our audits help the Legislature by focusing on three core areas – oversight, insight, and foresight. We help the Legislature by providing oversight of state government by evaluating whether agencies are following laws, achieving intended results, and operating efficiently. We also help legislators develop a better understanding of state government by providing insight into how agencies and programs actually work. Finally, in some cases, we provide legislators with foresight by predicting how changing current government structures and systems might affect state costs and program outcomes.

Our Staff

The head of the agency is the Legislative Post Auditor, who employs a 25-person staff to conduct our audits. Our staff come from a variety of backgrounds, including public administration, law, political science, business, and other social sciences. The work requires excellent critical thinking skills, writing and data analysis skills, and the ability to work with a wide variety of people. While not required, most of our staff have at least a master’s degree in their chosen area of study.


National Legislative Program Evaluation Society:

  • 2019 Excellence in Research Methods Award – Medicaid: Evaluating KanCare’s Effect on the State’s Medicaid Program
  • 2018 Certificate of Impact – K-12 Education: Evaluating Transportation Services Funding
  • 2017 Certificate of Impact – Larned State Hospital: Reviewing the Operations of the Sexual Predator Treatment Program, Part 2
  • 2016 Certificate of Impact – K-12 Education: Reviewing Virtual Schools Costs and Student Performance
  • 2015 Certificate of Impact – Department of Revenue: Examining Issues Related to the DMV Modernization Project
  • 2014 Certificate of Impact – Office of Information Technology Services: Reviewing the Office’s Service Rates and Viable Alternatives for Its Services
  • 2013 Certificate of Impact – JJA: Evaluating the Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex, Part 1
  • 2012 Certificate of Impact – Judicial Districts in Kansas: Determining Whether Boundaries Could Be Redrawn to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs
  • 2011 Certificate of Impact – Department of Corrections: Reviewing Allegations of Staff Misconduct

National State Auditors Association:

  • 2013 Excellence in Accountability Award – JJA: Evaluating the Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex, Part 1
  • 2010 Excellence in Accountability Award – Surplus Computer Equipment: Determining Whether State Agencies Effectively Remove Software and Agency Data from Surplus Computers
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