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Audits in Progress and Recently Released Reports
Recently Released Reports Audits in Progress
Report Title Status
KPERS: Evaluating Controls to Detect and Prevent Fraud and Abuse        Report | Highlights Just released
Department of Corrections: Evaluating Safety Issues at the Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex         Report | Highlights Just released
Reviewing Security Controls in Selected State Agencies -- Report
Department on Aging and Disability Services (KDADS)
Kansas Commission on Peace Officers' Standards and Training
Just released
Federal Funds: Evaluating State Spending Required by Federally Funded Programs In Progress
The Kansas Eligibility Enforcement System: Evaluating Delays in the Systemís Implementation In Progress
Substance Abuse Programs: Evaluating Cost Savings Achieved Through Enhanced Access to State Substance Abuse Programs In Progress
K-12 Education: Efficiency Audit of Selected School Districts In Progress
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